Sun Moon Walk



Sun and Moon walk 1,2,3,4, 2015, 92cm x 132cm, performance /photography, NYC, instalation shot, ArtSpace, Sydney.

This piece started at sunrise on the roof of my apartment in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. I welcomed the sun by catching its rays and then reflecting them back with a circular mirror. I would walk for the next ten hours, following the sun, with my mirror, over Brooklyn bridge, through Manhattan to the west side of the island. There I watched the sun as it set behind buildings and clouds. I turned, and started to reflect the almost full waxing moon. I followed the moon with my mirror through the night, through the city, enjoying the almost-dance of myself with the glowing circle in the sky. I walked back across the bridge, and in the early hours of the morning travelled through Brooklyn, back to the roof of my apartment ready for the sun to rise once again. The piece finished as the golden rays touched the silver surface of the mirror. Full circle, this piece was an ode to cyclical nature, the circumnavigation of an inner journey while participating in a rite of passage.

By carrying the large circular mirror to capture and reflect the light, I was almost holding the sun in my hands, bringing it down onto the plain where the everyday abides. The primordial sun and moon that were once pivotal in our actions as humans are often forgotten. From above, they have watched our earth for millennia, witnessing all that has come. By following the sun and moon, I wanted to connect with the natural rhythms of the universe and to look at archaic ways of navigation. In relation to Alchemy the sun and moon have symbolic meaning. The sun represents gold and the moon silver.