Sun Moon Walk



Sun and Moon walk 1,2,3,4, 2015, 92cm x 132cm, performance /photography, assemblages /Interventions, torches, found objects, wood, cement, plastic, cloth, tape, paint, NYC, installation shot, ArtSpace, Sydney, 2015-2017

Shan Turner-Carroll’s practice documents the multiplicity of connections between body and landscape. Site-specificity is key to this, not only in the making of the work but rather in how an embodied methodology of making emerges upon each site and location. Sun, Moon walk was a performative gesture where he followed the sun and moon with a mirror through the streets of New York City on a 24-hour personal pilgrimage. Transformation and play overlay documentations and relics of previous studio excavations. Turner-Carroll embodies the trickster, the traveler, the pilgrim. It is through common gestures, or everyday acts, that he builds his language and conjures a form of magic. The collection of images, objects and moments presented here sits within a larger constellation of ideas being explored across times, sightings, ponderings, endurances and sites.